Every day pet owners face with a manifestation of life that is different from humans’. Cats, dogs and other animals domesticated thousands of years ago have become a familiar sight and cause neither surprise nor fear. Perhaps that is why some people choose other kinds of pets - reptiles or birds – different mammals that are not specific for apartment living. Many of them can not be tamed or even be attached to a person.

What are the human needs behind the desire to feel the weight and touch of the python lying on the shoulders? How do Homo sapiens and Crocodylus niloticus interact in the space of a city apartment? Breeders of exotic animals often do not stop at keeping one kind of animal and gather the full collections. These animals are often dangerous and hard to keep. By placing an unusual, weird and often unpleasant to a stranger animal in their personal space, exotic animal owners become observers. They study the biological and behavioral characteristics of pets - reactions, instincts, ability to transmit signals. Being in this strange and unfamiliar cohabitation, people often feel fear for their lives and life of their animal unadapted to urban conditions, and also feel affection that is usually one-sided. They work towards a joint biography and change together.

  2017 - ongoing