Immediately after receiving art education in 2008, Alexey Filatov began teaching at the Art History Department. Three years later as a result of a severe form of flu, Alexei completely lost his sight. But he did not stop teaching - he currently gives classes at the correctional school, lectures in the orphanage and conducts educational work in a charitable foundation. He recounts the works of art from memory. He continues to study listening to audiobooks and recording of lectures of other specialists.

In addition to lecturing on the world art, Alexei became an active participant in various initiatives involving visually impaired people in artistic process. As a result in 2015 the project "Painting of Blind" appeared. At the same time Alexei began collaborating with the creative inclusive union "SoBytie" – the project based on the experience of modern dance and body-oriented practices. In addition Alexey Filatov is engaged in public activities and participates in the implementation of the state program of improving standards of living for people with disabilities.

Yekaterinburg, 2016-2017.